Lossless JPEG Rotator

Lossless JPEG Rotator 1.01

A free image editor to rotate all your JPEG files without any quality loss
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Lossless JPEG Rotator is a free image editor that rotates your digital photographs back to their natural position preserving the quality of the original picture. This neat application creates an exact copy of your original image, including all the information contained in its EXIF header, which is updated according to its new orientation. Besides, when the header includes a thumbnail image, this is also rotated to the correct position.
The rotation process can be performed automatically if the JPEG file includes an orientation indicator. This indicator gathers information from the built-in gravity sensor of some digital cameras, saving their position in which every image is taken. When this information is not present in the JPEG file, the user has to decide the direction of the rotation process. Either way, the resulting image will retain all the data and the quality present in the original photograph, including the EXIF timestamp.
Lossless JPEG Rotator installs directly in your Windows context menus. To perform any automatic or manual rotation, you just need to right-click on an image file or a folder containing images and select the appropriate option. The basic interface that comes with this free tool is merely a settings dialogue, which allows you to configure your personal preferences.

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